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Residential Energy Services

Residential customers throughout the state have come to expect top quality service from their public power utility. To assist our members in this endeavor, ElectriCities provides various services, and educational resources for our members to utilize within their community. Our Residential Energy Services include:

  • Residential Energy Audits: Scheduled by local utilities, our energy auditors can conduct residential energy audits to identify energy saving opportunities and will also provide a complimentary energy efficiency kit during the audit.
  • E-Tracker program: For middle and high school students, this program teaches smart energy saving habits and how their energy usage responds to hot and cold weather.
  • Temp Tracker 365: This tool tracks and stores daily high and low temperatures in your area in order to identify times when your heating or cooling system may run longer.
  • Community Energy Education: Our team is available to help at community events to help educate residential customers about energy efficiency.
  • Residential Energy Services Training: To meet our member needs, we currently offer a variety of training covering customer service, energy audits, and load management.

Additional resources and testimonials for Residential Energy Services are available, please contact for more details.