Developments: Spring 2014


North Carolina has a Lot of Baggage … that’s a Good Thing


You may already know that North Carolina consistently ranks as one of the best states for business. But did you know that Tourism is a bustling industry in the Tar Heel State, too? It’s true.

According to the NC Department of Commerce, North Carolina is the 6th most visited state for domestic visitors (California ranks #1). And those visitors aren’t just packing their bags; they’re also bringing spending money to the state.

In 2012, domestic travelers spent $19.4 billion across North Carolina, a 5.4% increase from the previous year. Every day, visitors spend $50 million here, generating nearly $1 billion in annual tax revenue. From the majestic mountains in the west to the sun-drenched beaches on its eastern coast, North Carolina is 543 miles wide and boasts countless memorable destinations in every direction.

All told, some 45+ million visitors come to North Carolina annually spending their time and money in all 100 of its counties. (READ MORE)