Delivering Value

Delivering value

That’s the goal of everything we do at ElectriCities. To provide valuable services that strengthen public power communities and help deliver safe and reliable power to homeowners and businesses across North Carolina.

Value comes in many different forms. From keen insight about complex utility issues to professional guidance on legal and legislative issues. From power supply programs that boost outside energy sales to bond refundings that lower the cost of debt payments. Together, these services make a positive impact on the communities we serve. The site explains how.

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Case Study: Retail Development

So your hometown needs an Applebee’s? Or a grocery store closer to downtown? Where do you begin to recruit a new retail establishment to your community?

It’s a question city officials across the country struggle with. How can you showcase your community’s amenities to national retailers and entice them to locate in your hometown?

Enter ElectriCities Retail Development Team, part of ElectriCities Economic Development offerings. Retail Developers Jennings Gray and Charity Barbee maintain relationships with brokers and national retailers, and know which retailers are growing. Aside from that, they can create customized reports on the key factors retailers look for, like traffic counts and demographic trends. They speak the retail development language and can help your community shine in front of decision makers.

Beyond those resources, the team attends local, regional and national trade shows to network with industry professionals. At the shows, they learn new information about retailers’ strategies. Then they bring all that right back to your hometown and craft strategies to grow your retail base.

Senior Retail Development Specialst Charity Barbee and Economic Development Manager Brenda Daniels
Jennings Gray, Brenda Daniels and Charity Barbee Discussing Economic Development Strategies
Senior Retail Development Specialist Jennings Gray