Delivering Value

Delivering value

That’s the goal of everything we do at ElectriCities. To provide valuable services that strengthen public power communities and help deliver safe and reliable power to homeowners and businesses across North Carolina.

Value comes in many different forms. From keen insight about complex utility issues to professional guidance on legal and legislative issues. From power supply programs that boost outside energy sales to bond refundings that lower the cost of debt payments. Together, these services make a positive impact on the communities we serve. The site explains how.

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  • Member Services

    ElectriCities provides a wide range of services to help public power communities manage their utility systems. This includes assistance with economic development, government relations, marketing and communications, safety and training programs, energy efficiency programs and emergency management.

  • Finance

    ElectriCities performs a host of financial services for the Power Agencies. This includes prudently managing investment funds, identifying opportunities to lower debt costs, and maintaining strong relationships with credit agencies.

  • Contract Administration

    ElectriCities carefully reviews all contracts. This includes identifying opportunities to negotiate lower costs and correcting issues that impact Power Agency expenses.

  • Load Management & Demand Side Management

    Every kilowatt we reduce through load management saves every Power Agency Participant exponentially. Together, we save millions of dollars each year through operation of load management systems that reduce electric demand during peak periods. This management includes carefully monitoring systems and administering key notifications throughout the state.

  • Power Supply

    The Power Agencies supply All-Requirements Power to Participants through both the initial projects and supplemental power agreements. Supplemental agreements are negotiated carefully to ensure low-cost, reliable power for the future.