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Bill Inserts

Bill inserts are an excellent way to communicate important information to your customers. ElectriCities' communications staff has created general inserts to address the most requested topics. For more information, contact Rebecca Agner at ext. 6334 or Ed Roberts at ext. 6280.

To view the inserts in more detail, click the link to view or download a PDF version of the insert.

stay cool

Stay Cool This Summer

Provides your customers with the knowledge they need to save on their electric bills during the summer months. Additionally, it provides useful tips on how to save money year round.
"Winter Chills" bill insert

Do Your Winter Bills Give You Chills?

This new insert provides practical tips for your utility customers to save money on their electric bills during the winter. Order the free, limited-edition poster based on this bill insert for display!

Simple Tips for Savings

Simple Tips for Savings: Get Informed and Lower Your Electric Bill

Once your utility customers read this new insert, they will know how to conserve energy and lower energy costs in their homes. This comprehensive bill insert reinforces information presented in the new energy-efficient videos hosted by Residential Energy Auditors Brian McGinn and John Keever!

Hurricane Preparedness

We're Prepared: You Should Be, Too (Hurricane)

Nobody looks forward to hurricane season and the destruction these storms can bring, especially not your utility customers! Ease their fears and build their confidence in locally based utility crews who are prepared to respond and restore power quickly.This updated insert also provides vital tips to be safe during a storm.


CFLs: Buy One, Save Big!

This newly updated insert will educate your utility customers on the immediate energy-saving and monetary benefits of switching to Compact Fluorescent Lamps (CFLs). Order the free, limited-edition poster based on this bill insert for display!

winter season

We're Prepared (Winter Season)

Informs customers about winter weather preparedness and safety tips after a storm.

Using space heaters to heat your home can result in higher electric bill

Educates customers about space heater use and discourages customers from using space heaters to heat large areas. The insert also includes money-saving energy conservation tips.

If My Home's Heat Pump is Efficient, Why is My Electric Bill Higher This Winter

This insert how auxiliary heat strip use during temperatures below 40 degrees can cause energy-efficient heat pumps to be less efficient.

Meter Tampering is Dangerous

Tampering with an electric meter is dishonest, dangerous and against the law. This insert warns customers of the dangers of meter tampering and informs them what to do if they see someone tampering with a utility meter.
Know Your Meter

Know Your Meter

Help your customers track their usage by understanding the difference between analog and digital meters and how they measure usage in kilowatt-hours. Order the free, limited-edition poster based on this bill insert for display!


How to Prevent Electrical Accidents

Electricity is useful, but it can be deadly. This insert will provide your customers with important safety tips to keep them safe. It includes outdoor safety around lines and poles and what to do if someone is injured.
Generator Safety

Generator Safety

Portable home generators can be lifesavers on those rare occasions a utility customer loses power. This new insert provides simple tips that will help prevent accidental injury to homeowners and utility workers who are trying to restore power to homes.