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Corporate Library Resources

The ElectriCities Corporate Library has materials for members to check-out free of charge. Training Videos and DVDs are loaned for two-week periods.

Members may request materials through an online Lending Library Database. Check-outs are handled through an ElectriCities Extranet account.

Instructions for Creating an Extranet Account
Instructions for Searching the Lending Library and Requesting a Video/DVD online
Convenience PDF copy of entire Library Video/DVD Catalog

Please allow at least 3 business days for the Videos/DVDs to arrive prior to your safety meeting. ElectriCities usually ships via UPS. Each Video/DVD should be insured for $350 and returned to the ElectriCities Library at 1427 Meadow Wood Blvd., Raleigh, NC 27604.

Questions may be referred to (919) 760-6357.

New Video/DVD Arrivals for 2013-2014

Substance Use and Abuse

  • "A DUI Story…What If?" (Call # BP24 DVD) Run Time: 27 min.
  • "Dealing With Drug and Alcohol Abuse for Employees" (Call # BP20 DVD) Run Time: 17 min.
  • "Getting High – Not in the Job Description" (Call # BP25 DVD) Run Time: 20 min.

Human Resource Topics

  • "Harassment Made Simple" (Call # BP23 DVD & Support Material) Run Time: 6 min.
  • "Arrest that Stress – How to Depressurize Your Work Life" (Call # BP22 DVD) Run Time: 21 min.
  • "Professional Email Etiquette" (Call # BP21 DVD) Run Time: 26 min.

Workplace Safety Topics

  • "2012 NFPA 70E: Electrical Safety in the Workplace" (Call # ES34 DVD; Leaders Guide & Quiz) Run Time: 13 min.
  • "Avoiding Dog Bites: What to do when you can't bite back" (Call # WS88 DVD) Run Time: 16 min.
  • "Cell Phones in the Workplace – A Dangerous Distraction" (Call # WS87 DVD) Run Time: 7 min.

Please Note: Additional training videos concerning Substation and Lineman Career Development topics are available from the Safety & Training Technician at (919) 760-6301.