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Bidding Procedures

Specific bidding procedures are established by the North CarolinaGeneral Statutes and municipal governments are required to followthem. ElectriCities will adhere to the laws and provide for the uniformtreatment of all vendors. It is important that each vendor be familiarwith these requirements and follow them. Please feel free to contactour staff if you have any questions about bidding procedures.

Decision to Bid

Pursuant to 160-460 et seq. of the General Statutes of North Carolina,the participating municipalities who wish to join together to bidas a group advise ElectriCities of their desire and enlist themto solicit and receive bids on their behalf. Once authorized bythe municipals to act on their behalf, ElectriCities gathers allnecessary information to prepare the necessary bid packages, legaladvertisements, bid tabulation sheets, Acceptance Notice forms,and contract documents.

Bids are available forinspection in the offices of Programs and Services once a contract hasbeen awarded. A request to see the bids should be made to the Manager Programs and Services 24 hours prior to your visit to ensure someone isavailable to meet with you and answer any questions you may have.