Safety & Training

The Safety and Training Department offers many quality opportunities for Public Power employees to obtain career development and proficiency training.

We offer 20+ safety-related schools and workshops each year, providing valuable life-saving skills for linemen and others working in the field, as well as supervisory and construction standards to name a few.  Check our Schools and Workshop section for a brief description of each school/workshop that we offer.  Most of these are offered on an annual basis.  Check our Training Calendar for dates and locations and to register on-line for upcoming classes.  Registration is opened approximately one month prior to the start date of the class.

We also offer several comprehensive Career Development Programs for power line workers, meter technicians, substation technicians, and underground technicians. 

In addition to our schools, workshops and career development programs, our staff conducts safety meetings, field crew audits and accident investigations for our member cities.

ElectriCities maintains a vast array of safety and training video resources that are available for use by its members.  Check out Library Resources to view some of the new DVDs for this year or contact Robby Humphreys at ext. 6102 for more information.

Municipal Electric Operations Reference Manual

This manual is prepared as a working model of selected Safety Program policies and procedures for a North Carolina municipal electric utility department.