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Training Presentations

2015 - Ratemaking Issues and Challenges in a Changing Energy Environment Workshop

  1. Considerations for Interconnecting with Renewable Generators
    Author Andrew Fusco
  2. NRLP presentation
    Author Christopher Ayers
  3. Ratemaking in a Renewable Energy Environment
    Author Mark Beauchamp

2015 - Meter Safety Workshop

  1. Analyzing Load Profile Data
    Author Jeremiah Swann
  2. Basic Math
    Author -
  3. Building a Meter Program
    Author Stephen Schaefer
  4. Electric Utility Rates
    Author Gussie
  5. Electricities Intro to AMI
    Author Brad Kusant
  6. Field Problems with Instrument Transformer Installations2012
    Author Whitaker/Wells
  7. History of Metering
    Author -
  8. Meter Base Wiring 2015
    Author Michael Byrd
  9. TOU and Load Profile
    Author Jeremiah Swann
  10. Transformer Sizing
    Author David L. Johnson
  11. Working On or Near Energized Conductors and FR Clothing
    Author Michael Byrd