About Us: Project Process

  1. Complete a project request form.
  2. Send all project support materials to the communications projects supervisor. (Note: Projects cannot begin until the project request form and materials
    are received.
  3. Strategic Communications will contact you with questions.
  4. A creative meeting will be scheduled to brainstorm or help generate ideas
    that will help shape the project. You may be asked to attend.
  5. Production will begin on your project. You will be briefed on key milestones throughout the process.
  6. An initial project draft will be sent to you for review, comments and approval.
    Any suggestions and/or revisions will be incorporated into the layout and
    returned to you for approval.
  7. New revisions will be made to the project.
  8. Project will be sent to the ElectriCities proofing team for
    final review (see proofing policy).
  9. Proofing team revisions will be made to the project.
  10. You review and approve for final production.
  11. Final project delivered to you.