Resources: Ordering Promotional Items Policy

Implemented: October 1, 2012

Purpose of Policy

The ElectriCities Promotional Ordering Policy is in place to ensure the ElectriCities brand is protected with all promotional materials. In addition, the policy ensures ElectriCities obtains the best value for branded promotional items and clothing and to maintain the highest ethical standards in dealing with suppliers. The policy ensures compliance with existing North Carolina bid procedures and code of conduct standards, as well as compliance with the Corporate Style Guide for brand protection.

Promotional Ordering Team

Gregg Welch, Clarice Wilson, Ed Roberts (Project Manager)

Key Policy Components

  1. Bidding process and vendor selection
  2. Ordering procedures

Bidding Process and Vendor Selection

Vendors will be selected objectively using predetermined criteria. ElectriCities seeks to develop relationships with its vendors to guarantee value. Value is defined as price, quality and service while adhering to both the letter and spirit of the ElectriCities Code of Conduct.

Bids will be solicited every three years to determine vendors for a one-year period, with the right to extend for up to three years. A solicitation for bids will be issued by the ElectriCities Procurement Specialist. Responding vendors will be initially evaluated by the ElectriCities Procurement Specialist using predetermined bid evaluation criteria. The bid evaluation criteria will include: price, quality, turnaround time, capabilities, location, business references, adherence to/understanding of brand message, relationship focus and ethical conduct.

After the initial bid evaluation is complete, the analysis will be forwarded to the Promotional Ordering Team for further analysis and evaluation. The Team is authorized to conduct interviews with the top vendors and to use additional subjective criteria in the selection of approved vendors. The subjective criteria can include overall quality of work, compatibility of customer service with ElectriCities existing expectations and overall understanding of the ElectriCities and NC Public Power brands.

After the selection of vendors, the ElectriCities Procurement Specialist will maintain a list of interested vendors to send the bid solicitation for the next bid cycle. The RFP will be advertised on the ElectriCities website.

The selection of vendors is expected to create several approved vendors that can be used for the vast array of projects initiated by ElectriCities.

North Carolina Law Regarding Bidding

Informal bidding procedure: Dollar threshold of $5000 - $89,999. This applies to the total amount of a contract being awarded to a single vendor. There is not a minimum number of bids that need to be received. You can receive one and award bid, however, in most cases, in order for bid to be competitive, you may want to re-bid. Bids do not become public information until after bid is awarded.

Formal bidding: Would require at least 2 bids and has a minimum dollar threshold of $90,000. Advertise 10 days prior to bid opening and bids are sealed until bid opening date and time.

Ordering Process

Strategic Communications will create an online store with several popular items available for purchase. Those items will include:

  • Inexpensive public/customer giveaway items
  • Business portfolio
  • Business items, such as golf balls, coffee cups, umbrella
  • Hats
  • Clothing (including FR compliant clothing)
  • Storm/Emergency-related items: hand towels, bath towels

The items in the store will be shown with the NC Public Power logo, but will be available for member communities to order, as well. Orders will be placed directly with the selected vendor with no money exchanged between the member communities and ElectriCities. If member communities or ElectriCities divisions request items that are not available in the store, they will be referred to the approved vendors to obtain the specialty item.

For ElectriCities branded clothing items, several styles will be chosen and samples will be on display at the Raleigh office.

Per the ElectriCities Corporate Style Guide, any exceptions to the approved items for purchase must be approved by the Communications Projects Supervisor.

Approved Vendors for 1/1/2013 – 12/31/2015

(subject to change on Jan. 1 of each year)

  • Authentic Promotions
  • Elizabeth Wallace Marketing