Electric Line Technician II

Post Date
November 6, 2018

Expiration Date
January 31, 2019

Selma, N.C.

Town of Selma

Job Summary

Performs journey level technical work in the construction, maintenance, and repair of underground and overhead lines in the electrical transmission and distribution system.

Perform journey level technical work in the installation, maintenance, and repair of electrical lines and related equipment. Work is differentiated from lower levels of line work by the variety of more difficult and hazardous secondary and limited primary high voltage line work. Employees are expected to possess a working knowledge of standardized techniques and practices utilized in power line underground and overhead construction, maintenance, and repair. Judgment is utilized in determining the most appropriate work methods and observing safety standards. Work requires frequent on-call and call-back responsibilities. The employee is subject to hazards associated with electrical work including working in both inside and outside environments, in extreme temperatures, and exposure to various hazards such as working at heights, loud noise, vibration, moving mechanical parts, electrical current, chemicals, fumes, odors, dusts, mists, gases, confined spaces, poor ventilation, and oils. Work is performed under regular supervision and is reviewed in progress and upon completion for conformance to accepted standards.

Primary Responsibilities

Essential Job Duties:

• Participates in the installation and alignment of power line poles; stringing primary and secondary lines; attaching wire to insulators and cross arms; installing, repairing, and replacing cross arms, supports, insulators, lightning arrestors, and fuse cutouts; and maintaining and repairing the street light system.
• Participates in the installation, construction, and repair of underground electrical systems by installing primary and secondary cables and transformers; by locating trouble spots in the cable span and taking necessary measures to excavate and correct; by determining and replacing faulty equipment such as transformers.
• Operates bucket truck equipment to ascend to high wires; operates other equipment such as trenchers, line trucks, backhoes, and knuckleboom equipment.
• Participates in making hot line taps and connecting wires; handles hot aspects of system only under close supervision.
• Installs transformers, fuse cutouts, and reactors.
• Transfers wire from condemned defective poles to new poles and transfers lines from old to new poles.
• Sets up work zones, trucks, and prepares equipment and hardware for work to be done.
• Trims and disposes of tree limbs using bucket truck, chain saws and other saws and trimmers, clippers, and other equipment.
• Changes out and maintains regulators at substations.
• Cleans up and properly disposes of PCB oils.
• Performs other duties that require the use of a variety of hand tools.
• Participates in higher level tasks as part of training to become an Electric Line Technician III.

Additional Job Duties:

• Participates in making emergency repairs during electric power outages.
• Performs related duties as required.
Knowledge, Skills, and Abilities:
• Considerable knowledge of the standard techniques and practices used in underground and overhead power line construction, repair, and maintenance work.
• Considerable knowledge of the use and care of all tools, equipment, and supplies used in underground and overhead power distribution work.
• Considerable knowledge of the hazards and safety precautions involved in power line work.
• Knowledge of the principles of electricity as related to transmission and distribution.
• Skill in maneuvering trucks, equipment, materials, and supplies on the job site.
• Ability and willingness to work on high voltage lines and to take precautionary measures to avoid accidents.
• Ability to perform troubleshooting to identify and perform repairs during power outages.
• Ability to understand oral and written instructions.
• Ability to communicate effectively in oral and written forms.
• Ability to use line technician tools and operate required equipment.
• Ability to establish and maintain effective working relationships with the public, other employees, and supervisors.

Job Requirements

Physical Requirements:

• Must be able to physically perform the basic life operational functions of climbing, balancing, stooping, kneeling, crouching, crawling, reaching, standing, walking, pushing, pulling, lifting, fingering, grasping, feeling, talking, and hearing.
• Must be able to perform heavy work exerting up to 100 pounds of force occasionally; 50 pounds of force frequently; and 20 pounds constantly.
• Must possess the visual acuity to operate mobile equipment, monitor work site progress, perform skilled electrical work, and inspect and assemble small parts.

Desirable Education and Experience:

• Graduation from high school, supplemented by training in electrical principles and considerable experience at the electric line worker, third class level; or an equivalent combination of education and experience.

Special Requirements:

• Possession of a valid Class B North Carolina Commercial Driver’s License within six months of hire.
• Possession of other certifications as required by the Town.


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