The following resources are focused on helping our members maintain their distribution systems. We negotiate centralized service contracts with vendors to reduce the costs of these essential services for our members.

Centralized Services

Aerial Device Testing
Testing of bucket trucks and other line equipment for structural and electrical integrity helps cities find small problems before they become big ones.

Safety Truck, William Gray: 336-266-2544
Industrial Inspections Analysis, Ken Taylor: 205-914-8978
Tree Trimming and Line Clearance
Tree trimming reduces the possibility of power surges and outages. An effective tree trimming program can help reduce losses.
Asplundh east, Doug Smith: 919-329-7415
Asplundh west, Barry Suddreth: 800-523-4265
Xylem Tree Experts, Benjamin Hoover: 757-319-6845
In-Ground Pole Testing
This service includes above-ground inspection, excavation and ground-line treatment, sounding and boring, cleaning and chipping of below-ground surfaces, preservative application and other related work.
Enerco, Tommy Hedgepeth: 704-642-6414
Infra-Red (Thermographic Scanning)
Infra-Red scanning helps reduce the potential for expensive repairs and outages by detecting "hot spots." Tests are conducted by an independent contractor. Thermal Technologies, Jamie Ellis: 276-650-3495
Meter Testing
Recover lost revenues by checking for meter accuracy. This service offers assistance to members that test their own meters and also offers full testing options for a turnkey testing program. CLD Services, Matt Dietrich: 828-612-2199
Reliable Meter, Kevin Hawk: 704-650-1931
Consulting for PCB and Other Field Activities
Oversight of remedial activities (on-site), preparation of SPCC Plans, emergency response supervision, consulting for PCB and related items and other field activities as directed by the authorized representative of the Member Municipality. Geologix, Rob Livermon: 919-859-4544

Joint Procurement

Wooden Utility Poles
ElectriCities has coordinated a joint purchase for wood poles. Annual contracts establish firm delivered price for each city electing to participate. Poles are 100% tested with a 15 degree slope on the top. Poles under contract carry a ten year warranty from the inspection company.

Vendor Information

Find vendor bidding procedures and current RFPs from our member communities.

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