Economic Development

We are committed to economic growth, and so are our members.

Working with the leaders in our communities, business, and government, we create places where people want to visit, live, do business, and retire. From smart sites and grants, to cultural events and city projects, our communities are brimming with opportunities that allow them to thrive.

As we focus on the future, our goal is to leverage the unique culture of each community as we channel economic growth for years to come.

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Available Properties

Smart Sites®

The Smart Sites® program, also known as S2, was created by ElectriCities to assist member communities in preparing shovel-ready sites for economic development.

Perquimans Marine Industrial Park

Hertford, North Carolina

This 70-acre site has everything a boatbuilding company needs.

  • 16+ acre basin
  • Bulkheaded shoreline suitable for industrial use
  • 10-foot water depth provides access to the Albemarle Sound, the Intracoastal Waterway, at the Atlantic Ocean
  • 40-foot wide boat ramp built to industrial specs
  • Very skilled workforce with experience in shipyards in Portsmouth and Norfolk

How a Hydroponics Startup is Bringing Farms to Tables Everywhere

A perfect tomato tastes like summer. Juicy, warm, full of sunshine. There’s something so pure and fulfilling about a tomato just pulled from the vine. Now imagine if every tomato you ate was like that. When you buy your produce from the store—even if it’s “local, organic” produce—it’s impossible to get that just-picked-this-morning sweetness. As […]
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Grants and Resources for Your Projects

Smart Communities Grant

Downtown Revitalization Grant

Smart Site Certification

Tradeshow Calendar

Tradeshow Name
Attend and Meet Us
ElectriCities Connections Summit
March 12, 2024
Cary, NC
ICSC Carolinas
March 18, 2024
Charlotte, NC
May 6, 2024
Orlando, FL
ICSC Vegas
May 17, 2024
Las Vegas, NV
July 14, 2024
Chicago, IL
ElectriCities Annual Conference
August 12, 2024
Asheville, NC
Pack Expo
November 3, 2024
Chicago, IL
November 17, 2024
Chicago, IL

With the help of ElectriCities, we created a new logo which helped us put our best foot forward from an economic development perspective–I don’t know what we would have done without them.


Newell Clark, Mayor

Lexington, North Carolina

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