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Residential Services

Helping our communities serve their residents.

We provide a number of services to the residents in our member communities. From energy education to energy-saving programs, our goal is to deliver the knowledge and resources to help people lower their home energy bills.

Check out the list below, or contact us to request more information.

Energy Audits

Our energy auditors visit homes in our member communities and provide guidance on ways to cut energy costs.

Energy Savings

Load management, energy audits, and rebate programs help you improve efficiency and reduce costs.

Energy Education

Our energy experts give advice on the best ways to save money on your home energy bill.

Energy Bill Forecast

Use this tool to see how the upcoming weather in your area could impact your energy bill.


Use this tool to see historical weather trends in your community.

Energy Saving Products

Purchase energy saving products like energy-efficient light bulbs, air filters, filter whistles, and more.

The Future of Energy

Innovation with renewable energy sources and integrating for sustainability are key to the future of our industry.

Virtual Energy Efficiency Checkups

A Virtual Energy Efficiency Checkup (VEEC) is a safe, efficient way to evaluate a customer’s energy use. The checkup provides insight on their energy efficiency and helps the customer better understand their energy usage. It’s an easy way to help customers save energy AND money.

Bill Inserts

Bill inserts are an excellent way to communicate important information to your customers. We design and produce inserts based on common member requests. Contact us to learn more.

TIPS for lowering your energy bill: Lighting

  • Replace all incandescent bulbs with compact fluorescent lamps
  • Install timer switches that turn lights off after a set period of time

In the summer I had a huge problem with my utilities. The Town of Tarboro came out and checked my meter, then offered to do an energy audit. An ElectriCities employee came out, highlighted problematic areas, and did a fantastic job. We are most thankful.


Robert Deans, Customer

Tarboro, North Carolina

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