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Issues & Policy

Learn about key issues and policies that could impact public power communities.

COVID Relief

Support efforts to allow residents to remain in their homes while maintaining the financial health of utilities through federal and state aid programs such as LIHEAP, direct aid, and other mechanisms.

Climate Change/Greenhouse Gas Issues

Ensure cost estimates of any proposals are accurate and comprehensive. Oppose any effort to force entry into wholesale market constructs. Ensure public power communities are eligible for electric vehicle, renewable energy, energy storage, or other infrastructure incentive programs.

Distributed Energy Resources

All customers should pay their fair share of the costs of keeping the grid operating safely and reliably. Oppose attempts to nationalize rate design and distribution-related matters that have traditionally been governed by state and local laws.


Support rural broadband expansion for the prosperity and livability of North Carolina’s rural communities and for the operation of electric utilities while preventing cost-shifting to electric customers. Enable municipalities to offer broadband services for the benefit of their communities.

Cyber and Physical Security Legislation

Support legislation that establishes grants for small utilities to study cyber and physical vulnerabilities. Any legislation should recognize the current federally mandated programs established under NERC.

Disposal of Nuclear Waste – Yucca Mountain

Advocate for the completion of the evaluation of Yucca Mountain as the long-term storage solution for spent nuclear fuel.

Federal Tax Reform

Support efforts to reinstate the advance refunding option and secure comparable tax incentives. The federal tax exclusion for municipal bond interest should not be limited or replaced.

Pole Attachments

Oppose efforts to weaken the exemption for public power utilities from federal pole attachment regulations and FCC efforts to preempt state and local laws regarding pole attachment agreements. Pole attachment policies must preserve the reliability of the electric distribution system, protect the safety of all utility workers, and reject schemes that subsidize communications company shareholders at the expense of electric customers.

Legislative Update

March 31 Bill to Help Agency 1 Communities Advances in General Assembly Earlier this month, we worked to introduce a bill in the North Carolina General Assembly that has the potential the help save ratepayers from wholesale rate increases in NCMPA1 communities. Due to its co-ownership of the Catawba Nuclear Station, NCMPA1 must maintain a […]

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