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Issues & Policy

Learn about issues and any corresponding bills that could impact public power communities.

State: Coal Ash

Support legislation that provides for prudent, cost-effective and environmentally sound disposal options for coal combustion residuals, while minimizing the costs Duke Energy will ultimately attempt to pass on to all customers.

State: Pole Attachments

Municipalities should not be required to subsidize private for-profit business that use municipal infrastructure and those users should pay their fair share of the costs.

State: Renewable Energy Portfolio Standards (REPS) Compliance

Ensure any changes to REPS allow municipal electric providers to comply with regulations in ways that are achievable, cost-effective and take into account the cost to consumers.

State: Territorial Rights of Municipalities

Maintain and protect municipal electric systems existing territorial rights to serve electric load inside boundaries and outside municipal limits within reasonable limitations.

State: Renewable Energy, Third Party Sales and Net Metering

Oppose legislation that would impose renewable energy mandates on municipalities or that would prevent municipalities from developing policies that were in the best interests of their citizens.

Federal: Tax Reform

We support the continued ability of municipalities to use tax exempt financing and advocate for the development of comparable tax incentives for all electric energy providers.

Federal: Cyber and Physical Security Legislation

We support Congressional interest in the electric grid but oppose passage of legislation that fails to adequately recognize the current federally mandated programs established under the North American Electric Reliability Corporation (NERC).

Federal: Climate Change and Greenhouse Gas Issues

We work with national groups on key issues that impact our public power systems, such as climate change, the Environmental Protection Agency's (EPA) promulgation of greenhouse gas rules, addressing new air regulations, monitoring Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC) policies, and promoting nuclear power through energy legislation, including a clean energy standard.

Federal: Disposal of Nuclear Waste - Yucca Mountain

We work with national groups to advocate for the completion of the evaluation of Yucca Mountain as the long term storage solution for spent nuclear fuel and monitor legislative action on key issues related to disposal of nuclear waste.

Federal: Energy Policy Reforms

Work with national groups to advocate to retain local control over electric distribution systems.

Legislative Update

December 29 As we prepare to close out 2020 and begin the new year, we wanted to provide an update on issues of interest since our last update in November. North Carolina remains in a modified stay-at-home order currently slated to last through Jan. 8. Earlier this month, North Carolina saw its first COVID vaccines […]

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