See how the cold winter weather and summer heat affect your energy usage - and your monthly bill.

Our TempTracker 365™ tool records daily high and low temperatures in our member communities so you can see weather trends in your area. You can use this tool to create monthly calendars with historical weather data and identify which days, weeks, or months were extremely hot or cold, causing heating and cooling systems to run longer.

Temperature Calendar

See what the temperatures were in your area to understand how your energy bill would have been impacted. For best results when generating and printing calendars, we recommend using Google Chrome web browser.

Compare Billing Periods

See the difference in heating and cooling degree days for two billing periods based on the weather. Heating and cooling degree days are a measurement of the demand for energy needed to heat or cool your home.

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Phil's 2 Minute Drills (quick home energy videos)

Phil's 2 Minute Drills (quick home energy videos)