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2019 Public Power Awards of Excellence

Want to add some renown to your town? It’s easy! Just nominate your community for the 2019 Public Power Awards of Excellence.

These awards honor public power communities throughout North Carolina for their praiseworthy performances in areas that align with ElectriCities’ five strategic priorities:

  • Grid Modernization- promote investment in public power communities’ electric distribution systems and in technology to ensure safety and reliability, and exceed customer expectations.
  • Value of Public Power- communicate the value of electric system ownership to key stakeholders.
  • Wholesale Power Cost- provide competitive and stable wholesale electric rates that meet the power supply need of Power Agency Members.
  • Workforce Planning and Development- promote a workforce plan to attract, develop and retain the necessary human talent to provide safe, reliable power and lead public power forward.
  • Continuous Improvement- constantly review and enhance all aspects of public power; focus on cost reduction and increased efficiencies in current and future operations.

To complete your quest for excellence, complete the nomination forms below. The forms are easy to fill out and the number of awards given in most categories is not limited. That means several cities can win in each category.

Complete the form and click on the “Submit” box at the bottom of the page. The form will be submitted to us and you will receive a confirmation message.

The deadline to enter your nominations is Monday, December 16. If you have questions about the Public Power Awards of Excellence, please contact Michelle Vaught at mvaught@electricities.org today.

Workforce Development Nomination Form

Wholesale Power Cost Nomination Form

Continuous Improvement Nomination Form

Grid Modernization Nomination Form

The Value of Public Power Nomination Form

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