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We provide technology services to help our member utilities manage power distribution, billing, and other efforts.

Having the right technology is an essential piece for delivering  exceptional reliability and superior service. We work with our member communities to analyze their needs and select the right technology solutions to support their customers.

Smart Metering Solutions/AMI

We help deploy smart grid solutions for electric, water, and gas utilities. Support options include project management and hosting services, as well as complete smart grid solutions.

Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition (SCADA)

We work with your utility to identify your SCADA system requirements and ensure you find the appropriate features and technology. We also offer cloud-based SCADA systems that provide the features you need, but with limited additional infrastructure required for implementation.

Utility Billing, Finance, and Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) Solutions

We have partnered with many local governments to provide cloud-based utility billing and financial systems at a discount, along with technical and often implementation support. Our hosted model allows you to minimize infrastructure costs and project risks while maximizing your system availability.

Hosting & Integration

Hosting & Integration Utility management software is crucial to the effective operation of your local government. By providing hosted solutions for your customer information/billing system (CIS) and financial system, we help secure your access to these systems and limit on-site server requirements for your utility. Utilization of multiple system services also helps reduce the integration challenges many face.

Project Management

The transition or upgrade to a new technology solution requires thorough project management and expertise. Our project management support is available to serve as an extension of your team through this exciting and important upgrade.

Load Management

We support various load management technology solutions for members. We can also assist in the implementation, promotion, and management of these solutions. Technologies include 2-way residential load management switches, generator controls, smart thermostats, and more.

Billing System Audits

One of the most impactful processes to identify costly gaps in system losses can be through a billing system audit. This deep-dive into your billing system provides a starting point for improvement and is helpful in identifying legacy system issues, particularly before a system upgrade.

Drones/Unmanned Aerial Systems

We help members determine if there is a business case for drones. This includes reviewing processes and determining use cases, assisting in cost/benefit analyses, providing technology and hardware information, providing training opportunities and FAA regulation information, and more! We also have a service contract for members to utilize if they are looking to outsource any drone operations.

Business Process Consulting

If you are looking to outsource bill-print, implement prepay, implement electronic billing, would like assistance reviewing business processes, or other similar projects, we may be able to help. Please reach out with details on the project you are looking to complete to see how we can work together to help ensure the success of your project.

Reliability Tracking & Assistance

Reliability is one of the many strengths of Public Power. Our members can use APPA's eReliability Tracker program to track their outages and reliability. We also provide reliability education and annual reliability reporting. We offer this subscription-based service at no cost to our member communities.

RP3 Assistance

The Reliable Public Provider Program (RP3) is a program offered by APPA to recognize utilities who excel in reliability, safety, workforce development, and system improvement. We can assist members in applying for this prestigious designation.


We support and provide a variety of benchmarking services for members, including support for EIA-861, Electric Utility Assessments, and Performance Indicators. If you are looking for benchmarking information, please contact us to see how we can help.

2018 Customer Survey

Each year we partner with select member communities to conduct our customer survey. Here are some highlights from the 2018 survey:

  • 82.3 percent of North Carolina public power customers are satisfied with our service.
  • Our highest markings were for reliable service — 91 percent.
  • Because we meet our customers’ expectations, seven in 10 customers would choose public power if given a choice.

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I cannot say enough about the support from the ElectriCities CIS Team and how they work with us if and when there is an upgrade, maintenance or just a simple question. There is always someone available to assist us, and that means a lot.


Judy Redwine, Director of Public Utilities

Albemarle, North Carolina

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