Resources for Vendors and Customers

of ElectriCities, NCMPA1, and NCEMPA

PLEASE NOTE: The following resources are NOT for use by residential or commercial power or utility customers for paying your utility bills. In the page below, “Customers” refers to Conference Sponsors/Attendees, Lineworker School Students, or other Training Seminar Attendees of ElectriCities corporate events and services.

At ElectriCities, our aim is to remain committed to our membership while keeping the health and safety of our communities and employees as our top priority. During this time, ElectriCities continues to operate but there may be some delays in processing invoices and payments due to limited access to our facilities.

Attention Vendors

To provide you with more timely invoice and payment processing, we encourage vendors to do the following:

  1. Please submit invoices for payment electronically to:
  • your ElectriCities contact at their email address (if you have it)


  1. Please include on the invoice any ACH or EFT payment instructions
  2. Download and fill out the proper ACH authorization form below for the appropriate entity and return to Olga Tiselsky via email at
  3. Please provide a contact email address in case we have any questions.

Attention Customers

  1. To provide customers with easier payment options, we encourage customers who wish to pay over the phone to please call Olga Tiselsky at (919) 760-6278.
  2. Please provide a contact email address in case we have any questions.

We appreciate your patience during this time.