We assist participating members with wholesale power supply efforts of their electric utilities.

Log into our member section to access reports and other information. These services are included for power agency members and available to non-power agency members for a fee.

Wholesale Power Supply

ElectriCities manages the wholesale power supply for the two Power Agencies, North Carolina Eastern Municipal Power Agency (NCEMPA) and North Carolina Municipal Power Agency Number 1 (NCMPA1). Wholesale rates are reviewed annually to meet the Power Agencies contractual obligations. Catawba Nuclear Station tour information can be found under the Member Login.

Power Supply and Load Management

ElectriCities staffs a 7x24 Operations Center with two NCMPA1 Power Marketers and a four person on-call team that performs power supply scheduling, monitors telemetry, and forecasts and dispatches load management and distributed energy resources. Load graph information for your Power Agency can be found under the Member Login.

Distributed Energy Resources

ElectriCities operates and maintains Agency, City and/or Customer owned distributed generation and renewable resources for the Power Agencies during periods of high energy demand and high market prices. These resources are managed through Generation Policies and comply with contractual obligations. ElectriCities Recommended Interconnection Standards can be found through the Member Login.

Transmission and Distribution Delivery Interconnection

ElectriCities manages the delivery interconnections with Duke Energy coordinating when new Power Agency Member facilities come on-line, or existing facilities need an increase in capacity. Contact information and procedures can be found through the Member Login.

Wholesale and Retail Rate Services

ElectriCities provides wholesale and retail analysis and billing services to Power Agency Members. Staff partners with Economic Development, Industry Consultants and Members to create and maintain advanced rate structures and complete Cost of Service Studies. For further information on these programs go to the Member Login.

How to prepare for winter weather

Winter storms and freezing temperatures impact homeowners every year. Here are a few tips that can help you avoid damage:

  • Clear dead limbs and trees from around your house
  • Call your local utility if you notice limbs resting on power lines
  • Let faucets drip when the temperature drops below 35 degrees to prevent pipes from freezing
  • Call your local utility immediately if the power goes out

Due to the hard work of ElectriCities, New Bern will finally see some relief in utility bills.


Former alderman Pat Schaible

on the 2015 NCEMPA asset sale

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