Inclusion and Diversity

Stronger Together

ElectriCities works to encourage and promote inclusion and diversity within our organization and throughout the communities we live in and serve. We firmly believe a workplace that’s reflective and inclusive of our coworkers and communities — different people, different cultures, and different perspectives — is greatly positioned for success, not only in attracting and retaining key talent, but fostering an environment of respect and mutual understanding.


To foster an organization diverse in thought, perspective, experience and background to further promote value-added, innovative service to our member communities.

We believe there are powerful ways to foster a vibrant, diverse and inclusive workplace

  • Celebrate others’ work and acknowledge how differences add value to the team.
  • Make an effort to understand multiple viewpoints, to work with those who think, act and believe differently than you.
  • Acknowledge that just because someone’s experience is different than yours, it doesn’t make it any less valid.
  • Proactively speak up for others who are not included or are unfairly treated.


  • Diversifying our pipeline by actively sourcing diverse candidates and building programs to bring career awareness to underrepresented groups.
  • Investing in a structured interviewing process.
  • Ensuring that underrepresented candidates and employees are included in our interviews.
  • Providing opportunities for employees to better understand one another’s differences and how these differences strengthen the team.
  • Providing diversity and inclusion awareness training to new hires and all employees on a bi-annual basis.
  • Giving visible recognition when employees go above and beyond to pick up extra duties.
  • Providing flexibility so employees can balance work and personal life and focus on what’s important to them.
  • Holding international foods potlucks as a way of appreciating different cultures.
  • Inviting guest speakers and facilitators from the diversity and inclusion community to speak on topics such as unconscious bias or other inclusion-related topics.
  • Sponsoring events where companies come together to talk about Inclusion & Diversity topics.
  • Sponsoring and volunteering to assist organizations we admire who are doing work we appreciate such as the Durham Food Bank, Central & Eastern N.C. Food Bank, The Shepherd’s Table, and Habitat for Humanity.
  • Encouraging team building activities during the day.
  • Implementing a performance review system that promotes equity in performance and promotion decisions.
  • Providing workshops for adjacent skills like communication and empathy for employees.
  • Providing ergonomic workspaces to accommodate individual needs.
  • Leaders and employees continuing to work hand-in-hand to see our vision realized.

At the Heart of Community

At the heart of public power is community. To those in our communities calling for change, ElectriCities supports those leaders, colleagues, residents, and their families as they speak up to promote understanding about inequality and injustice.

We believe in communities diverse in thought, perspective, experience, and background. At ElectriCities, we work to encourage inclusion and diversity within our organization and throughout the communities we live in and serve. We know that at times we may fall short and that our actions speak louder than words, so we are listening and learning in order to better respond to the call for change.

At ElectriCities we believe in equality and justice for everyone.

Learn more about how we are making a difference

Habitat for Humanity

We joined the ElectriCities public power crews of Wake Forest to help build a home for those in need.

The Shepherd's Table

Employees from ElectriCities were happy to help The Shepherd's Table staff in cooking preparations and serving meals to those less fortunate.

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