Phil’s 2-Minute Drills

Customer Service: 2-Minute Drills

Have you heard of the 2-Minute Drill? It’s the last two minutes of a football game, when a team, under pressure, tries to score in a short period of time to either gain momentum or win the game. Just like in football, Customer Service Representatives can be under pressure from an upset customer, demands of learning new policies or procedures, or just trying to complete all their work in a timely manner. Sometimes, both CSRs and football teams have to make things happen in a hurry, while under pressure.

My name is Phil Bisesi, and I’m the Supervisor of Residential Energy Services at ElectriCities of North Carolina. I’m responsible for developing our customer service training courses, along with help from my colleagues in our member cities.

We’re proud to offer these brief videos, “Customer Service: 2-Minute Drills,” to drive home learning points about customer service in a quick and timely fashion.

We hope you will tune in to our Customer Service 2-Minute Drills, and score one for your hometown Public Power team.

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