Phil’s 2-Minute Drills

Phil Bisesi served public power communities and residents throughout his 17-year career at ElectriCities. A strong advocate for educating the public about energy technology in their homes and businesses, Phil’s deep expertise and knowledge were only matched by his generosity in sharing that information with customer service teams and public power consumers. Phil passed away in March 2023, but the impact his enthusiasm, knowledge, and leadership made on our public power region remains. 

2-Minute Drills for Customer Service Representatives

Have you heard of the two-minute drill?

It’s when, in the last two minutes of a football game, a team, under pressure, tries to score to gain momentum or win the game. Just like in football, Customer Service Representatives (CSRs) can be under pressure from an upset customer, demands of learning new policies or procedures, or just trying to complete all their work.

In these brief videos, Phil shares his expertise, providing CSRs with quick, powerful learning points and tips to help you educate customers and manage customer interactions with confidence, patience, and respect.

Tune in to Phil’s 2-Minute Drills, and score one for your hometown public power team!

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