Corporate Communications

We help our members communicate important stories about their utilities and communities.

Whether you’re trying to communicate an outage or a safety tip, getting your message to your customers is important. That’s where we come in.

Think of us as your marketing communications and advertising agency–we’re here to help with developing a brand strategy that could include anything from creating a logo to designing a website so that your message is received by the right people.

Our Services


Brand & Creative Strategy

Photography & Video Projects

Graphic Design

Public Relations

Public Power Social Media

Special Services

Public Power Week Campaign

We’ll create a campaign that includes a logo, branded promotional items, a press release, and a resolution template for members to use at local events.

Community Education Materials

We supply bill inserts, posters, and videos that help communicate the value of public power and educate public power customers on energy efficiency and safety tips.

Project Funding Assistance

A bulk of our advertising services are included as part of your ElectriCities membership. If you need additional assistance with a campaign that exceeds the normal scope of work, we have the following options to help offset the cost. The amount each member is eligible to receive depends on the number of customers in the community.

Customized City Projects

We complete six of these projects each year to help our Power Agency members create long-term impact for their utility and/or city.

P4 Program

This program provides funds to help our Power Agency members promote their utilities and their communities.

Sponsorship Requests

Let us know if you would like ElectriCities to sponsor your upcoming event.

Case Study

Since 1965, ElectriCities of North Carolina has been the energy behind public power, partnering with our valued members throughout the state to provide safe, reliable power to 1.2 million people across North Carolina. Our know-how, resources and expertise are part and parcel of how we have been able to deliver superior service to that end, day in and day out, for more than 50 years. One of our goals as an organization is to take the time to shine a light on the fine folks who make delivery of that superior service possible.

We value and appreciate all the great work ElectriCities does on behalf of its members! The corporate communications team is especially important to the smaller members.

Anne-Marie Knighton, Town Manager

Edenton, North Carolina

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