Storms are among the most disruptive events our communities face.

Hurricanes, ice storms, high winds, and flooding can cause tremendous destruction, not to mention significant power outages. And without power, recovery comes to a screeching halt.

Our Emergency Assistance Program organizes support resources to ensure we are prepared with the right crews and equipment before disaster strikes. And in times of emergency, we work with communities to organize restoration efforts to ensure those efforts are directed to exactly where they’re needed. The program provides a network of support in times of trouble, bringing communities together to restore, rebuild, and get the power back on safely.

We also offer career development, safety training, field crew audits, and accident investigations for member cities. These services help our members elevate their safety measures, so their crews stay safe while working to keep the power on.

When emergencies happen, we are ready to act


responding cities

from across the state



providing resources & support


hour average response

time during outages


faster outage resolution

times than the national average

Hurricane Preparedness

Hurricanes can be deadly. Here are some things you can do to prepare before a storm:

  • Gather emergency supplies (flashlights, battery-operated radios, batteries, etc.)
  • If you have small children, help them remember important information by creating a family plan and emergency kit
  • Move yard items and furniture inside
  • Monitor official weather bulletins

For more tips, watch the video.

Member Utility Resources

Emergency Contacts

Access emergency coordinator contact information and other important details.

Share Available Disaster Resources

Provide information about crews and other resources that you can send to assist other communities.

Safety Programs

We provide crew audits, accident investigation, and safety meetings.

This hit home. I have a totally different appreciation for having this service because, without it, I don’t know what we would have done.

Leon Maynor, City Councilman

Lumberton, North Carolina

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