The Value of Public Power

1.3 million. That's the number of people whose homes
and workplaces are illuminated by public power in North Carolina

Public power helps communities thrive.

There is tremendous value in public power, and it’s so much bigger than just energy. It’s the lifeblood that enables growth within communities, driving them towards progress, while helping them celebrate their rich histories.

It provides local control that allows them to prioritize local needs when making important decisions. It also connects them to the network of public power communities across the country, giving them a broad support system and access to greater resources than they would otherwise have on their own.

With access to these resources, public power communities pride themselves on delivering the exceptional reliability and superior service that their customers expect.

There is tremendous value in public power, and the best way to see that value is through the success stories of public power communities.

Hurricane Matthew
Relief Effort

When Hurricane Matthew made landfall in North Carolina, it left extreme flooding, outages, and destruction in its wake. Public power utility workers from across the state banded together to support the affected communities and restore power as quickly as possible.

Revitalizing Community In Rocky Mount

Believing that economic development is driven by community development, the residents of Rocky Mount are restoring and revitalizing the community, creating a vibrant atmosphere that provides a great place to live and a profitable place to work.

Developing Tomorrow's Workforce In Lexington

Like so many communities across the nation, Lexington is under increased pressure to attract and retain skilled workers due to retirement and the influx of higher paying utilities and private contractors. ElectriCities has partnered with them to evolve compensation and training programs and help them better evaluate their competitiveness.

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