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2 Things You Don’t Have That Are Costing You Money


Did you know that not having these two items in your home could add up to 5% to your monthly energy costs? We know every dollar counts. Invest in some low-cost, energy-saving opportunities by adding these items to your next shopping trip:


You don’t have weatherstripping around your doors and windows, or it needs replaced.  Not sure if your weatherstripping is worn out? Try the dollar test. Close a door on a dollar bill and try to pull it loose. If it slides out easily, you need to replace your weatherstripping. (Did you know that an 1/8” gap around a door or window lets out the same amount of air as a 2 ½ “ hole in your wall? Yikes!)

Weatherstripping isn’t just a cold-weather concern. It helps to keep the cool air inside your home during the summer months, too!


A Clean Air Filter.

You’re doing your furnace a disservice by not changing its filter regularly. Dirty filters make your HVAC unit work harder, meaning it uses more energy to get results. More energy means a higher bill! Ditch the dirty filter and swap in a fresh, clean one. Your unit (and your monthly bill) will thank you!


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