Fayetteville Artist Recaptures The Magic Of Childhood


The whimsical characters artist Katie Crawford Allen brings to life take viewers on a magical journey through the storybooks of their youth. Simpler, carefree times when pictures and tall tales could cast spells, whisking them away to the farthest reaches of their imagination, and filling them with a sense of awe and wonder.

Based in the public power community of Fayetteville, Crawford Allen’s art features fanciful interpretations of ordinary, everyday creatures like bumblebees, frogs, and whales. Her unique vision transforms them into extraordinary characters embodied with charming human characteristics that make them delightfully mysterious, yet somehow reassuringly familiar.

A debonair beaver in a bowtie and bowler ensemble. A sophisticated sea otter bejeweled in her Sunday best. A spiffy penguin in suspenders and dungarees. And the list goes on. They start out as pencil and paper sketches. From there, she refines the drawings until she gets them just right. Until finally, they become finished watercolor paintings — and of late, 3-D needle felting sculptures made of soft, unspun, fluffy wool. Each one, a wonderful childhood memory, rekindled. To learn more about these whimsical creations, visit www.katiecrawfordart.com.

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