Popular Benson Distillery Takes A Shine To Moonshine


Ask any native to compose a list of the top 10 things their beloved home state of North Carolina is known for and the odds are moonshine won’t make the cut. A small yet mighty distillery located in the public power community of Benson is doing its part to change that. Broadslab Distillery, a family-owned operation with a legacy that stretches back five generations, has turned its storied heritage into an art form.

Of course, crafting silky-smooth, home-brewed potent potables that are the stuff of legend, comes with the territory in these parts. After all, the Broadslab region is widely recognized near and far as the “Moonshine Capital” of the Tar Heel State. So, perhaps not surprisingly, the Broadslab Distillery is fast becoming famous for recipes born long before prohibition made their enjoyment illegal.

Today, the highly-prized white whiskey pouring from its vats are no longer produced under the cover of moonlit nights. And thankfully, it’s perfectly acceptable to partake of the fruits of its labors. In fact, the fine spirits Broadslab Distillery puts out are as welcome now as the many guests that stop by for the tastings and tours it hosts here. Visit broadslabdistillery.com to learn more, and click below to check out our exclusive interview with Jeremy Norris, owner of Broadslab Distillery.


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