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Federal Infrastructure Grant Resources

The federal Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act, also known as the Bipartisan Infrastructure Law, includes $1.2 trillion in funding for transportation, energy, and water infrastructure. Public power communities are eligible to receive a significant portion of the funding and in many cases, accessing the funds will require applying for competitive grants from federal agencies.

To better position our region’s public power communities to take advantage of the funding, ElectriCities is partnering with Strategics Consulting to provide members with an additional resource in identifying, weighing, and ultimately applying for grants.

Below you will find resources made available by ElectriCities to help your public power community better understand and take advantage of the Bipartisan Infrastructure Law, as well as other federal funding sources that can help grow the economy in your community. Please reach out to us with questions and use the consultations form below to set up a time to discuss your community’s needs one-on-one with Strategics Consulting.

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