Delivering Value

Delivering value

That’s the goal of everything we do at ElectriCities. To provide valuable services that strengthen public power communities and help deliver safe and reliable power to homeowners and businesses across North Carolina.

Value comes in many different forms. From keen insight about complex utility issues to professional guidance on legal and legislative issues. From power supply programs that boost outside energy sales to bond refundings that lower the cost of debt payments. Together, these services make a positive impact on the communities we serve. The site explains how.

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Case Study: Edenton, NC

The year was 1712 – the United States as we know it didn’t exist – and Edenton was born. In colonial times Edenton was one of the growing nation’s chief political, cultural and commerce centers. Edenton became the site of a tea party to protest English taxes, the home to one of the largest seaports on the east coast, and the first colonial capital of North Carolina.

Three hundred years later, Edenton remains one of our most scenic and historic towns. To commemorate its 300th anniversary, Edenton turned to ElectriCities to create a commemorative logo for the celebration.

Town of Edenton’s official 300th anniversary logo.
Town of Edenton’s special commemorative mark.

The town’s residents took notice. The logo became a focal point of the town’s anniversary celebration. Local organizations incorporated the logo in promotions and merchants ordered merchandise featuring the logo.

Clockwise: ElectriCities’ Creative Lead Ed Roberts, Mayor of Edenton Roland Vaughan, ElectriCities’ Manager of Strategic Communications Rebecca Agner and Edenton Town Manager Anne-Marie Knighton discuss the development and successful implementation of Edenton’s 300th Anniversary logo.
Historic Edenton North Carolina...