Our greatest measure of success is the net value we deliver to our member communities each year.

We deliver value in many ways, from driving economic growth and workforce development, to making power more affordable and reliable, to lobbying on behalf of our members at the state and federal levels. Look at the table below to see a more detailed breakdown of the ways we delivered value over the past year.

Power Supply Benefit
Additional SEPA Allocation
Asset Sale Agreement
Hourly Trading Services
Market Transactions Checkout
REPS Compliance
REPS Compliance
REPS Compliance
Supplemental Capacity and Energy
Surplus Sales Program
Transmission Losses
Transmission Peak Reduction
Services Benefit
Business Development Services
Corporate Learning & Development
Distribution Services
Economic Development
Human Resources
Member Communications
Member Infrastructure
Residential Energy Services
Safety & Training
Technology Services
Utility Business Services
Utility Services
Finance Benefit
Bond Refunding
Bond Refunding
Bond Refunding/ Defeasance
Bond Refunding/ Restructuring
Capital Additions
Interest on Margin Account
Investment Portfolios
Contract Administration Benefit
Contract Administration - Billing reviews, Contract and Capital Addition approvals
Dec 2019 FRPPA Settlement Agreement
DOE Settlement - Spent Nuclear Fuel
Error Correction
ESPS project additions agreement
FRPPA adjustment, CTA credit
FRPPA adjustment, JDA credit
FRPPA adjustment, solar backfeed
FRPPA Amendment - Coal Ash Settlement
FRPPA settlement of challenge issues
Full Requirements Power Purchase Agreement (FRPPA), Transmission Billing Statements
Harris Plant COLA cancellation costs
Leased Facilities Rate
Low Pressure Turbine additions agreement
Materials and Supplies Issue
Merger Agreement
NEIL Insurance Distribution Credit
OATT ADIT Settlement with Customers
OATT Settlement Issues
Operating and Fueling Agreement, Interconnection Agreement, and Transmission billing statements
Power Supply Billing Review
Reactive Power Credit
Load and Demand Side Management (DSM) Benefit
DSM/Load Management
DSM/Load Management
DSM/Load Management
DSM/Load Management

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