Powering Jobs in Your Community

Your community-owned electric utility powers local business.

You already know North Carolina is a great place for business.

But, did you know that the more than 70 North Carolina public power communities—those cities and towns that own their electric systems—offer businesses even more?

Public power utilities are locally owned, locally operated, and locally controlled. That local control means:

  • Public power communities have more resources and agility when negotiating with prospective businesses.
  • Businesses get unmatched customer service.
  • Public power utilities provide jobs in your community that support your local economy. On average, every dollar of a public power employee’s paycheck circulates through the local economy nearly five times.

What’s more, municipally owned utilities consistently outperform other providers when it comes to reliability.

  • North Carolina public power communities experience 40% fewer outages than communities powered by other providers.
  • When power does go out, North Carolina public power communities get their power back on three times faster.
  • That reliability means money in your community—over $75 million in economic value.1

No wonder industry leaders like Thermo Fisher Scientific, Lidl, Elkay Manufacturing, Hodges International, Quest Diagnostics, and 84 Lumber have recently chosen to locate or expand in a North Carolina public power community.

1. According to a study by Berkeley Lab, Energy Analysis and Environmental Impacts Division.

Discover how public power powers your day.

Discover the Value

The Value of Public Power

Along with providing reliable electric service, a municipally owned utility powers local jobs, investment in your community, and much more. And, since it’s a division of local government, it answers to the citizens it serves—like you.

Our Communities

1.3 million people across North Carolina get their power from municipally owned utilities. That’s more citizens than the populations of Raleigh and Charlotte combined.

Who We Are

ElectriCities is a member organization that serves public power communities in North Carolina, South Carolina, and Virginia. In 2020, we delivered more than $460 million in value to our member communities.

Economic Development

Public power communities have access to economic development grants and resources.

Smart Sites®

Smart Sites® are located in public power communities and are shovel-ready for development.

Shell Buildings

These industrial shell buildings are in public power communities and ready for immediate up-fit.

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