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Faces of Public Power: Kevin Josupait



Nice to Meet You

As Manager of Projects and Contracts at ElectriCities, Kevin Josupait performs contract management for the NCEMPA and NCMPA1 power supply programs, including managing the ownership interests in the Catawba Nuclear Station.

Along with monitoring the operational issues, projects, and costs of Catawba, he validates power supply-related costs, and he tracks and resolves outstanding contract issues for both Power Agencies.

Kevin has been with ElectriCities for nearly two-thirds of his career in the electric utility industry. “One of the best things about ElectriCities is the professional, knowledgeable, and friendly people I work with each day,” he says. “We continuously challenge each other to perform at a higher level.”

Finding and Delivering Value

With a bachelor’s degree in electrical engineering and an MBA in management, Kevin Josupait, Manager of Projects and Contracts at ElectriCities, uses his business know-how to ensure that ElectriCities members get the most value from their wholesale power supply costs.

Kevin, who is also a North Carolina licensed Professional Engineer, has worked in the electric utility industry for 28 years—the last 18 with ElectriCities. He manages contracts for the NCEMPA and NCMPA1 power supply programs, which includes managing ownership interests in the Catawba Nuclear Station.

“What I like most about my job is delivering value to the members by helping reduce their wholesale power supply costs,” Kevin says. “I do that by reviewing and challenging power supply invoice costs, finding errors or omissions, and successfully resolving contract issues.”

Looking out for the interests of ElectriCities members doesn’t stop there. Since 2016, Kevin has served on the Southeastern Federal Power Customer (SeFPC) board of directors.

“I proudly represent the interests of the 47 members of NCMPA1 and NCEMPA that receive hydroelectric power through their contracts with Southeastern Power Administration—or SEPA,” he explains.

SEPA markets power in 11 southeastern states that is generated at federal hydroelectric dams. SEPA also encourages widespread use of the power at the lowest possible cost to customers.

Kevin says SEPA power is an important component in the NCMPA1 and NCEMPA power supply programs. “Not only is hydropower renewable and emission free, it’s dispatched as a peaking resource that helps offset our members’ load.”

In 2019 and 2020, Kevin served as treasurer of the SeFPC board, using his business acumen to reduce membership dues by nearly 40%. In January 2021, he was elected to serve as the board’s vice president. “I’m excited to continue working on initiatives with SEPA and the SeFPC board to increase the value of the SEPA power for our members,” he says.

When he isn’t analyzing contracts and crunching numbers, you may find Kevin and his wife, Monica, cruising around the southeastern U.S. in the small camper they bought last year. Favorite destinations: beaches, lakes, and state park campgrounds.

“Monica and I love going to the beach—any beach! There is not a beach we’ve visited that we haven’t enjoyed.”

It was the North Carolina beaches, along with warmer weather, less traffic, and a lower cost of living, that prompted them to move from suburban Chicago back in 2001.

Married 25 years, they have three children. Their girls, Alyssa and Aryn, attend East Carolina University. Their son, Andrew, is a UNC Charlotte graduate. He got married last year, adding Kevin and Monica’s new daughter-in-law, Madison, to the family. Also in the family are a three-year-old Westie named Finley and three cats: Bella, Oreo, and Batman.

“I enjoy spending time with family and providing my kids all the guidance they can handle—whether they ask for it or not.”

The Josupaits are also big sports fans, and 20 years in North Carolina hasn’t changed who they cheer for. “We’re fans of all the Chicago sports teams: White Sox, Blackhawks, Bears, and Bulls,” Kevin says. “Most years, the teams are mediocre, but we love them regardless.”


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