RP3 Provides Recipe for Success

Reliability. Safety. Workforce development. System improvement. These are the backbone of your utility — how do you measure up to best practices across the industry? The American Public Power Association (APPA) Reliable Public Power Provider (RP3) program is your chance to find out, assessing utilities’ performance in each of the four critical areas through a rigorous application process. The 2020 application period begins May 1 and it’s hard to find a good reason not to apply.

“Our members pride themselves on delivering the best possible service to their customers, including being the most reliable energy provider possible,” says PJ Rehm, Manager of Technology and Renewable Programs at ElectriCities of North Carolina.

Earning an RP3 designation is venerable, but there’s value in simply making the decision to apply. Application requires a test that provides an opportunity for a helpful utility self-check; as you answer questions, you’ll learn the leading practices across our industry.

Regardless of the score, you’re bound to learn something. If you score well, you’ll earn an RP3 designation. If you don’t, you’ll identify areas in your utility to make improvements. “Public power utilities are striving to provide reliable and safe power to their customers,” says Rehm — self-improvement underscores that commitment.

In fact, some 90% of utilities benefit just from applying and 99% of RP3 utilities plan to re-apply once the designation expires after three years, according to APPA. Not to mention, the designation can provide a platform for economic development and hiring incentives at small utilities like many of our member communities. It’s a win-win!

RP3 applications are accepted through Sept. 30. Learn more about the RP3 program in this webinar series from APPA, and apply online here.