Crisis Communication Resources

Resources for Communicating in a Crisis

Each day as we read the headlines, skim newsletters, and check our social media, we’re reminded of the importance of effective communication – especially in a crisis. Now more than ever, we are needing to expect the unexpected. But preparing for a crisis – and communicating through one – can be a difficult task when any number of crises could be lurking around the corner.

While we may not be able to prepare for every crisis scenario, we can do our best to be prepared for any crisis scenario. The following resources have been compiled to help think through best practices in preparing for, communicating through, and rebuilding after a crisis. Whether you’re faced with a local, statewide, national, or global event, we hope these resources will help you consider and form your communications plans.

The below resources were compiled as part of a Crisis Communications 101 Webinar held for Members in August 2020.

Included in the link below are the following:

  • PDF Version of the Slide Deck presentation
  • APPA Crisis Communications Plan Template
  • Hootsuite 2020 Social Media Trends
  • Cision 2020 State of the Media Report
  • Cision Managing Communications in a Crisis One-Sheeter

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