About: Core Values

ElectriCities' Purpose Statement

Delivering value to public power communities through collective strength, wisdom and action while promoting a more successful future for our citizens.

Strategic Communications' Purpose Statement

We are the strategic hub that communicates value and fuels the growth of public power through innovative thinking.

Strategic Communications' Core Values

  • Creativity – We freely share our talents to develop content that expands community.
  • Curiosity – We commit to continually developing ourselves by researching trends and emerging technologies that can be leveraged to communicate the value of public power.
  • Empathy – We commit to building strong, quality relationships rooted in mutual respect and sincere understanding.
  • Enthusiasm – We will allow our professional passions to permeate throughout our collaborations, conveying our deep belief in the work we get the opportunity to do.
  • Intrapreneurship – We will plant seeds of new ideas and commit to cultivating them to harvest and sustain our business.
  • Respect – We genuinely respect the collaborative process and all its contributors.
  • Trustworthiness – We commit to walking our talk with integrity and valuing confidentiality.