Promotions: 2 Ways To Save Campaign

A campaign to help your customers
alleviate the pain of high summer bills

Two Ways to Save is an integrated campaign designed to make your customers aware of two free online tools (TempTracker365 and Weather Insights), which they can use to reduce their electric consumption during the summer months. The tools offer customers simple tips to keep costs down so they can keep more of their cold, hard cash during the heat of summer. Components of the campaign include two bill inserts, a video, a press release and an article.

Lick High Electric Bills

Ice cream, you scream, we all scream at high electric bills! This insert promotes the Two Ways to Save campaign and highlights the value of two online tools: TempTracker365 and Weather Insights.


The summer’s sun can sting in more ways than one. After all, cooling a home in the summer can lead to a steep electric bill. This insert offers tips for reducing use and avoiding the “ouch!” of a high bill. Click here to order yours.

Two Ways to Save Video

Here’s the scoop: Meg A. Watts and a cast of animated characters are back to let viewers know that reducing energy use can help customers lick high electric bills. Get a taste of the video below.