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Rising Star, Many Hats, and Distinguished Service Awards

Nominate Your Public Power Leaders

Do you work with someone who goes above and beyond for public power? Shine a light on them!

Nominations are open through May 10 for the Public Power Rising Star Award, the new Public Power Many Hats Award, and the Public Power Distinguished Service Award.

The Public Power Rising Star Award recognizes an up-and-coming leader who has less than 10 years of experience and who has made significant and sustained contributions to the electric utility industry and to public power specifically.

The Public Power Many Hats Award—new for 2024—recognizes a leader who has at least five years of experience at a member community/utility of 5,000 customers or fewer and who performs many and varied roles to help keep his or her community powered.

The nominee must have responsibities in at least four of these areas:

  • Planning and design
  • Administration
  • Public relations
  • Field supervision
  • Accounting
  • Human resources
  • Community leadership

The Public Power Distinguished Service Award recognizes a leader who has 10 or more years of experience and has:

  • Demonstrated exceptional leadership and dedication to public power.
  • Brought their organization to a new level of excellence.
  • Led by example.
  • Inspired their employees and fellow staff to improve processes, services, and operations.

The Public Power Lifetime Achievement Award Committee will select award recipients. Each year, the committee impartially evaluates entries to recognize individuals for providing exceptional service to their public power communities.