The 2024 Annual Conference is coming up! Join us and fellow public power leaders August 12-14 in Asheville, N.C.! – Register today!

Terms of Use and Privacy Policy

Attendee Registration: ElectriCities of North Carolina, Inc. is committed to protecting your information and privacy.

By registering for the conference, you agree to share your Name, Title and Company with other Conference Attendees. As well, during the registration process you are given the opportunity to select additional information to share with attendees. These options include but are not limited to your cell phone, Email, Twitter and LinkedIn.

In addition, I understand that my personal information may be shared with any sponsor(s) of the ElectriCities Annual Conference event, so they can contact me directly about their products or services. Please refer to the privacy policies of such sponsor(s) for more details on how your information may be used by them. Your personal information may also be shared with other participants of the ElectriCities Annual Conference event.

Sponsor Registration: By registering for the conference, you agree to allow ElectriCities of North Carolina, Inc. to use your company logo, name and any provided media or media contact information for conference marketing and promotion purposes. As well, you allow ElectriCities of North Carolina, Inc. to list your company as an ElectriCities Annual Conference sponsor including but not limited to Email, Print, Web, App and various social media platforms.

Antitrust Warning and Code of Conduct Policy

Antitrust Warning: ElectriCities of NC reminds all those attending the Annual Conference that various state and federal laws prohibit the exchange of information among competitors regarding matters pertaining to price, refusals to deal, markets division, tying relationships and other topics which might infringe upon antitrust laws and regulations. No such exchange or discussion will be permitted during the conference.  A copy of the Antitrust Statement of Policy will be made available upon request.

Code of Conduct for ElectriCities Meetings: Attending ElectriCities of NC, Inc (ElectriCities) meetings, whether as an attendee, sponsor, or an ElectriCities staff member, should be a positive, productive, welcoming and safe experience for all. ElectriCities expects all meeting participants to display the highest level of personal and professional integrity. This applies to all ElectriCities events, including in-person meetings, virtual meetings, and online webinars and trainings. Violations of the code of conduct should be reported to any senior ElectriCities staff member.  Any meeting attendee who violates the code of conduct may be expelled from the meeting immediately and without refund.

Download our Code of Conduct Policy here.

ElectriCities Annual Conference Waiver and Duty of Care Responsibilities

The safety of those attending ElectriCities of North Carolina, Inc. (ElectriCities) 2021 Annual Conference is a priority. In response to COVID-19, attendees must agree to our Duty of Care requirements prior to registering for and onsite at the 2021 Annual Conference.

Click here to read the requirements in full.

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