Excellence Lives Here: Future-focused


ElectriCities of North Carolina, Inc., presented 15 North Carolina communities with Public Power Awards of Excellence at ElectriCities’ 2023 Annual Conference in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina. The awards reflect public power’s strategic priorities, recognizing exceptional achievement during 2022 for the following categories: Future-focused, Strengthen Public Power, Provide Superior Power, Customer-centered Innovation, and People.

The celebration shouldn’t end there. Over the next few months, every two weeks, you’ll learn about each award category and a few of the communities whose efforts stand out. You’ll see why, in public power communities throughout our region, it’s clear that excellence lives here.

The Future-focused Award celebrates communities that develop a future-focused mindset. Future-focused utilities are built on strong fundamentals. They have a defined purpose, and they know how they provide value to customers. They utilize talented employees to innovate, solve problems, and take decisive action, resulting in long-term success for their community.

2022 Winners:

  • Albemarle
  • Fayetteville PWC
  • Greenville Utilities Commission
  • Kinston
  • New Bern
  • New River Light & Power

The City of Albemarle exemplifies Future-focused by fully funding an Advanced Metering Infrastructure (AMI) system that enables customers to monitor their daily energy usage and increase their access and visibility into their energy services. The AMI project represents the implementation of a goal in the City’s robust 2023-2026 Strategic Plan.

Greenville Utilities Commission (GUC) recognized the growing need for electric vehicle (EV) charging for future electrification of the transportation sector in their service territory. GUC engaged Sagewell to conduct an Electric Vehicle Analysis to assist GUC with long-term planning to address this future-focused need.

As a result of the long-term planning efforts, GUC continues to invest in and market their current EV Charging Rebate Program, as well as develop EV-specific rate schedules to promote off-peak charging.

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