Spotlight on ElectriCities Safety Instructor Anthony Michaels


The ElectriCities Safety and Training team brings many careers’ worth of experience and expertise to help lineworkers, meter technicians, and substation technicians throughout ElectriCities member communities gain the skills and expertise needed to work safely and advance their careers.

ElectriCities Safety and Training team members Ross Whitehurst, Nick Whitley, and Anthony Michaels at the 2023 NCAMES Lineman’s Rodeo in Greenville, North Carolina.

To give you a peek into that experience and expertise, we’re introducing you to each of our instructors.

So far, you’ve met:

Now let’s get to know Anthony Michaels, Senior Safety & Training Specialist.

Anthony has been a lineworker for 29 years, starting right out of high school. This month he’s celebrating two years as an instructor with ElectriCities. Before joining ElectriCities, he served the Town of Dallas for almost 23 years, working his way up from lineworker to supervisor.

Born and raised in the Gastonia area, Anthony says the love for linework runs in his family. His brother, nephew, and his niece’s husband are all lineworkers. That makes family gatherings full of interesting stories and conversations.

How did you get into linework?

At the store one day, a guy asked me if I was looking for work. I asked him what kind of work, and he said “linework.” I wasn’t sure what he meant and asked him, “What’s linework?” He pointed up to the sky and said, “See those wires on top of the pole?” I said, “Yeah.” He said, “Working on them.” So, I went to work for Pike Electric and was there a little over four years.

What do you like best about teaching?

I enjoy seeing the excitement in the younger guys who are just starting their career and their eagerness to learn and work.

Anthony Michaels (left) teaches equipotential grounding during a hands-on session at the 2024 NCAMES Lineman’s Rodeo in Concord, North Carolina.

Do you have a favorite class or school to teach?

I like teaching all the schools. Climbing is a good school because you really get to help the students learn what linework is all about. In the advanced schools, you can see the progression of the students as they have come through the ElectriCities Apprenticeship Program.

What’s the most important thing you want students to take away from class?

To be able to perform their jobs safely and have the know-how to do it.

Anthony’s connection with his students doesn’t end when class is over. He tells them, “If I could ever help you in any way—even once you’re through the Apprenticeship Program, don’t hesitate to call me.”

He mainly teaches at our Newberry, South Carolina, facility. He helps at the other training locations when needed, as does everyone on the Safety and Training team, he said.

Coming up, Anthony will be teaching Basic Underground (ELT 211), Aug. 19-23, in Newberry and Advanced Underground (ELT 212), Oct. 7-11, in Newberry.

View the full training schedule here. If you have questions about classes or registration, contact Susanne Taylor, Member Training and Engagement Specialist at ElectriCities.

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