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Doing Business with ElectriCities

ElectriCities' Programs and Services Department contracts for services and materials on behalf of its member municipalities when economics of scale would result in savings by bidding as a group rather than individually. Programs and Services provides administrative assistance, but the municipality interacts with the vendors directly once a contract is executed. Programs and Services will assist to resolve any misunderstandings between the municipality and the vendor or when the level of service or products is not as it was represented during the bidding process.

Initial Contact with ElectriCities

Normal business hours at ElectriCities are 8 am to 5 pm, Monday through Friday. Because our work is serving our members, the staff of the Programs and Services Department is often in other cities and towns. For that reason it would be best to call and set up an appointment to ensure you do not miss us and an opportunity to present your products or services.

Application for Placement on Potential Bidders' List

Vendors wishing to be placed on ElectriCities "Potential Bidders List" are to apply by mail, or telephone (919) 760-6293. Vendors can also complete a Vendor Application online by visiting and then clicking on the "Member" tab. You will be able to follow instructions from there. Your application will be placed in the appropriate category or categories for future reference.