Public Power’s Reliability Pays Off

Public power is so reliable, economists have put a number to it.

Dependable energy from public power providers translates to over $75 million in economic value to public power communities and customers.1

When even the slightest downtime equals real dollars lost, remember:

  • Public power providers keep the power on 99.8% of the time.
  • North Carolina public power communities experience 40% fewer outages than communities powered by other providers.
  • When power does go out, North Carolina public power communities get their power back on three times faster.

What’s more, the city’s electric fund is a reliable, integral, irreplaceable part of a city’s budget. And public power’s financial contributions to state and local governments are 33% higher than those of investor-owned utilities.

1. According to a study by Berkley Lab, Energy Analysis and Environmental Impacts Division.


Discover how public power powers your community every day.

Discover the Value

The Value of Public Power

Along with providing reliable electric service, a municipally owned utility powers local jobs, investment in your community, and much more. And, since it’s a division of local government, it answers to the citizens it serves—like you.

Our Communities

1.3 million people across North Carolina get their power from municipally owned utilities. That’s more citizens than the populations of Raleigh and Charlotte combined.

Legislative & Regulatory Affairs

We advocate for public power communities at the state and federal levels, monitoring and responding to key issues and policies that could impact them.

Who We Are

ElectriCities is a member organization that serves public power communities in North Carolina, South Carolina, and Virginia. In 2020, we delivered more than $460 million in value to our member communities.

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