Be Aware. Be prepared.

March 2-8 is Severe Weather Awareness Week here in North Carolina. It’s a great time to highlight the importance of being prepared before severe weather strikes. With that in mind, we want to point out some of resources available from ElectriCities to help you prepare your customers for severe weather.

Hidden Treasure Calendar

Resources to generate knowledge, action and safety.

When it comes to staying safe when the weather’s bad and the power’s out, knowledge is indeed power. And ElectriCities is there with tips and training to keep everyone as safe as possible.

A portable home generator can be a real lifesaver when a utility customer loses power – as long as they’re operated properly.

Hurricanes are a part of life in many of our member communities – and being prepared is essential.

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What goes on when the power's off?

From time to time, for all sorts of reasons, the power will go out. We’ve prepared a fun, informative video explaining what goes into restoring power – and an activity pack to make sure the kids understand, too.

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Emergency Assistance Program stands ready to restore.

As the Northeast US braced for the "blizzard of the century", NC Public Power crews were standing by to help our public power neighbors. Although the storm spared most of the country, it was yet another reminder that we're "Always Steady and Ever Ready"./p>

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