What do 1.2 million NC residents
have in common? Public Power.

North Carolina’s public power community is 1.2 million strong. That’s 1.2 million people who benefit from public power’s superior reliability and local customer service. We recently launched a new campaign and website to communicate the importance of public power and build pride in public power across North Carolina.

Later this month you will receive the full campaign resources, including bill inserts, newspaper ads, posters and other materials. We’re happy to announce the new campaign website is now live.

The site, www.OverOneMillionStrong.com, is packed with fresh content to spread the word about public power! It includes helpful tips on energy efficiency and safety, promotes the many benefits of public power, and shares news and events so we can easily highlight good news in your community. The best part? The site uses the latest web technology to deliver a great user experience every time, regardless of the device used, and makes social sharing a snap.

Our new television commercial demonstrates the power of public power the best way we know how – using light. The commercial will be aired across North Carolina starting in late July and is available for use in your community, too.

We’re excited about working with you to continue promoting the value of public power in North Carolina communities.

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