Barbecue Worth Going Out Of Your Way For In Shelby


This being North Carolina, you would be hard-pressed not to toss a stone practically in any direction without eventually hitting a barbecue joint of some kind. Though many of them are very good, some establishments stand apart from all the others.

Red Bridges Barbecue Lodge located in the quaint, quiet public power city of Shelby, is one such place. The barbecue this neighborhood institution serves up is a sure bet to put your taste buds in such a heavenly gastronomic uproar, they may never come back down to earth. It’s here where three generations and going on more than seventy-two years of experience, go into the creation of the beloved, pit-smoked, fall-off-the-bone, tender, juicy, hand-chopped perfection Red Bridges has become so famous for.

So, it’s no wonder people come from miles around to partake of its porcine goodness, infused with love and carefully adorned in delectably sweet and tangy Lexington-style sauce. Don’t forget an order of the golden-brown hush puppies and piquant red slaw, which make each meal complete. Visit to learn more.

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