Captain Public Power — City of New Bern’s Superhero


It’s a bird, it’s a plane, no it’s Captain Public Power! The Captain has been helping the City of New Bern Department of Public Utilities electric department spread the word about the value of public power, energy savings tips, and much more since 2017. No one knows Captain Public Power’s real identity, of course, but it’s said that the superhero has never been seen in the same room with city employee Lester Fonville. An Electric Meter Technician, Fonville has been with the city for over 20 years. His primary job consists of trouble shooting, reprogramming, installing, and testing commercial electric meters, but the smiles from his neighbors and the community are what motivates him.

“You will often find Captain Public Power at local schools, parades, and festivals, extolling the virtues of public power and talking to children about how to conserve energy. He’s been a popular attraction—and an effective tool for communicating the value of public power,” says Colleen Roberts, New Bern’s public information officer and brand manager. Look for Captain Public Power during Public Power Week or at any event where the New Bern community comes together and learn more about the value that public power brings to New Bern.

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