Connections Summit Sessions Help Create an Engaged, Community-Focused Workforce


For public power providers, your workforce is your business. How you run your business impacts how engaged, productive, and happy your employees are—and vice-versa.

At Connections Summit, coming up Feb. 22-24, you’ll examine workforce challenges from all sides, and more importantly, you’ll gain insight, tools, and tips for addressing them.

“For some sessions, we’ve combined the Workforce track with the Management and Coordination track to give adequate time to talk about the cultural changes and impacts for business leaders in our membership,” explains Kelsey Lawhead, Manager of Educational Programs at ElectriCities. “This approach helps pull together best practices for adapting to this changing public power landscape, so every member can take home something valuable they can implement.”

Here are some highlights of the workforce-focused sessions at Connections Summit 2022.

One of the first breakout sessions is:

Improving the Business of Community-owned Utilities

By assessing your business operations, you can remedy inefficient and ineffective business practices that can make work harder, ultimately impacting customer and employee satisfaction.

A collaborative roundtable discussion follows up on that concept:

Is Your Organizational Structure Hindering Progress?

Here, you’ll engage in a discussion around creative solutions to tackle the emerging challenges presented by new technology and customer demands within our industry.

Your public power utility is built to serve your community. How do you build a culture of service that strengthens that community connection? Learn how in this breakout session:

Using a Service-Based Culture to Create Raving Fans

A competitive advantage of community-owned utilities is excellent customer service. But excellent service must extend beyond just the front office, especially with the drastic changes in the ways a utility interacts with its customers. In this session, you’ll hear from a panel of North Carolina public power leaders on how they’re creating raving fans by driving a culture of service excellence within their organization.

Compensation challenges, anyone?

Proactively Gain Buy-In for Comp & Classification

Transitioning from knowing that you need a competitive pay structure to implementing the pay structure requires buy-in at all levels, with a targeted change management approach to plan for the opposition and hesitancy you may face. In this session, you’ll walk through example case studies to benefit from others’ experience and success doing just that.

Compensation isn’t the only challenge to employee satisfaction. Engagement is key, as is preparing for the future:

Best Practices: Lineworker Engagement

In this panel discussion, you’ll discover and discuss ways to engage with lineworkers to maximize the strengths of these invaluable key players and their unique culture.

Understanding the Pipeline for Power Engineers

Emerging technologies, like renewables, batteries, AMI, big data, and electric vehicles, have shifted the required skillsets for our employees. Learn about what today’s universities are doing to prepare the next generation of engineers who will eventually lead our organizations.

Forbes magazine declared 2022 the Year of Workplace Culture. In a rousing general session that closes out the Summit, you’ll discover why workplace culture is so important and ways to improve yours.

Closing General Session: Establishing a Winning Workplace Culture

Hear from a panel of public power and community leaders who will share how they’ve created a positive workforce culture, increased employee satisfaction, and improved employee retention. They’ll provide insights and strategies for how you can do the same.

This is just a sample of the impactful, game-changing sessions you’ll enjoy at Connections Summit 2022, Feb 22-24. Review the agenda and register today.

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