Greenville Metalworker’s Public Art Soars


Graceful and fluid, it’s hard to believe Jordan Parah’s sculptures began as rigid sheets of metal. But challenging expectations comes naturally to the artist. “I’m trying to challenge the intrinsic properties of metal,” she says. “I want to form them into unique, harmonious compositions.”

Indeed, Jordan’s massive steel, aluminum, and bronze pieces undulate, coil, twist, and turn. They are often brightly colored and always mesmerizing. You can see the metalworker in action at her studio in the public power community of Greenville, where she runs Parahdise Sculpture and welcomes visitors. Parah has found her niche in commissioned work—from the entrance of the public library in the public power community of Danville, Virginia to private gardens throughout eastern North Carolina.

This mix of projects makes Parah quite literally a community builder, whether she’s designing a patron’s dream vision or brightening a public plaza. “One thing I really enjoy about public art is the fact that it’s accessible to everyone. It can create conversation and even connections with people that you maybe wouldn’t normally speak to or have a reason to speak to. That’s very important to a community.” Join the conversation and see Parah’s abstract sculptures at

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