The State of Social Media


The social media landscape is rapidly changing, due in large part to COVID-19. Hootsuite recently released its 2020 State of Social Media report, but what does it all mean for public power? Leverage your presence on social media to really connect with your customers, both on your pages and in private messages. Have some fun while you’re at it, utilizing current trends and collaborating with your followers. And when in doubt, authenticity continues to be the best way to create a loyal following.

All about the balance. Brands are increasingly striking a balance between public and private engagement. The entire customer journey can now take place on social media. Folks can discover and become aware of a brand on public channels and then relationships deepen in closed channels (like Facebook groups) and private messaging.

Build your culture online. Employers are taking center stage in a divided world. The report found that employees are looking to their organizations to make things right during an uncertain time. To take advantage of this role, companies can build strong internal cultures, amplify the company purpose with employee and customer advocacy, and put to work — and share — the inextricable link between employee and customer experience.

Let’s talk about TikTok. The No. 1 most downloaded app in 2019, TikTok, shows little signs of slowing down. The powerhouse app is based on sharing very short videos. Its rapid popularity shows that consumers want social culture, content, and collaboration. Your social strategy can reflect that by engaging with customers as much as possible.

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